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what can be found on the site

CPE is a combination of great people and fun agility challenges.  CPEtv is here to bring all this to video life.  It is where to see what is happening and introduce others to all the fun.

My plan is to add to this site everything I can find that would inspire those already competing and entice those interested in learning about dog agility.  Now we all can see what goes into the fantastic world of dog sports.

In the beginning, this page will have live streaming of the Nationals as well as videos showing each class CPE offers.  In the not too distant future, I will be hosting a show titled CPE Today where I will be showcasing local clubs, their areas and local dog rescues.

Bookmark this site - it's a growing.

CPE tv philosophy

What better way to discover the fantastic world of K9 agility and sports then to have a channel dedicated to this amazing lifestyle.  And before you think this is a type, it is a lifestyle.  We have friends and connections around the country.  Our social media pages are covered in dog related pictures and videos.  Nothing is purchased unless there's a paw print somewhere on it.  And if it says "safe for pets", then it's in our house.  The best comment I ever received for hosting a nation TV show was "thank you for doing this, now my relatives understand what I do every weekend".

So now you may understand why I want to create a channel but why CPE.  A simple answer would be "Why Not".  Canine Performance Events has a reputation for being fun, welcoming and exciting.  There is something for everyone at a CPE trial.  Classes range from very challenging to down right beginner.  Obstacles that once were looked at as dangerous are now not on the course.  There is no reason to risk enjury to our four legged partners.  CPE strives for safety and fun while competing for titles and striving for achievements.  See for yourself here at CPE TV .dog.