North American Dog Agility Council

Where every agility team has fun!


Welcome to the fantastic agility world of NADAC, where every agility team has fun!

NADAC is known at the "Good Luck" venue.  Judges release you to run the course not with an impersonal, pre-recorded "GO!" but a personal and heartfelt "Good Luck."  This is only one of the personal touches NADAC brings to the agility community.  Every run ends with cheers and applause from those watching.  With your first run, you are part of the NADAC family.  Welcome to the best agility family around.  Join the fun!

There are many aspects of NADAC which other agility venues adopted much later.  Ground based courses for older or younger dogs have been around for many years.  NADAC removed the tire, spread jumps and teeter earlier on and never had the shoot.  NADAC doesn't consider a dog passing an obstacle a fault, it's only a waste of time.  And long before the pandemic, NADAC had an online, titling program for those who compete at home.  Let's not forget training in the ring has been around since day one.  Welcome to NADAC!